5 tips for dog trainers.

1: Never be more invested in the success of a clients dog than the client is. Your heart will break.

2: Don’t ever assume someone is going to sign up to your dog training service because they said they would. Only count money when it has been deposited into your bank account and the services have been rendered. This is a great way to prepare yourself for when a potential client cancels at the last minute.

3: Don’t assume that potential clients are the dream clients they make themselves out to be. If a potential client has worked with many other trainers, it may be that they just had horrible trainers, but it’s more likely that they are the types of people who have not been consistent with any trainers in the past. Unless you have really nice legs, chances are that they will not heed your advice.

4: Assume every dog you are around is going to try and bite you. When 95 percent of them don’t, you are lucky. When 5 percent do, you are ready.

5: If you are constantly having issues with clients, or if you have a lot of clients that do not finish your services, it’s likely that you are a dog trainer. And not an educator. That will need to be addressed.

Ted Efthymiadis