Why are businesses playing hard to get?

Old school business in a new school economy.

Gone are the days where you could just walk into a business and get great service at the majority of them. With every year that passes, I find I get less customer service than ever before. It’s almost as though business owners and staff are now assuming that a potential customer has to make the first move.

Why are businesses playing hard to get?

Don’t get me wrong, I know that the world still has some mind blowing businesses that really desire to make the customer experience incredible. This is not a blanket statement. However, I am more often than not disappointed in the experience I get when I go to a companies websites, call for customer support, go to a restaurant, or walk into a retail location.

How is it that I can walk into a restaurant 6 times and the person seating us is still assuming we are new to the restaurant?

I want to feel like I feel when I go to a diner in Maine.

The 45 year old women greats me with a smile and calls me hun. If I show up a 2nd time, she acknowledges that I have been to that diner before. By the 3rd visit she remembers my name. By the 4th visit she knows my name and my order.

Why is it so hard to find a companies phone number on their website? Dollars. I get it. But if you want my business, make it easy for me to get ahold of someone, I will pay extra if I have to. I don’t like talking to computers.

Walking into a clothing store as a dog trainer is less than lovely. I have dog slobber on my jacket. People avoid me like I have a high contagious disease.

If I walk into a store and the staff doesn’t say hello, ask if they can help, etc within 2 min. I leave. Period. I will take my business to a business that gets it.

Businesses are leaving millions on the table by being snobs. By making it hard for customers to get the answers they need. Etc. Old school business will never goes out of style.