How to deal with internet haters.

How to deal with internet haters:

 The first five years in the dog training industry were like this almost without end. I get the frustration! Here is a few ideas.
1: As hard as it is, I always ask myself if there is any truth to what these people are saying. If the answer were yes,you will need to up my game. None of the things said about me have been true. I have had close friends turn on me and make up stories… bloggers attack me for no reason… the dog world is a nasty one!
2: Limit the amount they can pick on you.
–You can tweak the settings in your youtube account to automatically disable comments every time you post a new video.
–Disable the five star rating system on your business facebook page, as people who have never worked with you can post nasty fake reviews if they want to. It’s not fair… I get it!
–Avoid yelp at all costs. Yelp is not a good company… they are not an ethical company. They will hide your positive reviews and show your negative reviews if you do not advertise with them. People can make up stuff and it takes months to get yelp to take down fake reviews.
3: Do not engage with these nutters. That’s what they want, they want to get under your skin. It’s just like Jr High school all over again. The insecure kids make fun of the more secure kids to make themselves feel better about their low self worth. Being combative with them will only add fuel to the fire.
4: Do not go on your facebook page and post things like… “I am seriously done with these haters. I don’t even care anymore, haters gonna hate.” Why? it shows that you actually do care.
5: Remember that haters don’t actually take business away from people. All the hate I had thrown at me back in the day only brought me website traffic and that traffic turned into dogs that needed to be trained. My wife reminded me of this, shes a smart cookie. Every years I business doubled or tripled despite the haters.
6: Avoid acting defensively via legal action unless you absolutely have to. Defamation of character is something that will look really tempting to file, but avoiding these people tends to work better. Worst case scenario, have your lawyer send them a ​​cease and desist letter should be more than enough.
7: Don’t google your name. Trust me on this one. It will just make you angry. You can’t change what google says… so why bother?
8: When to go to the authorities? If they threaten your life, call the police immediately.
9: Send them nice things in the mail, like thank you letters thanking them for all the website hits. They love those! I’m a smart ass.
10: Try and meet with them for coffee. Most of them will not be willing to do so… but the ones that are may lay off you if they meet you in person. Once you meet someone, now it’s personal. I know this has help me a lot over the years!
11: Pray for them. They need a life. I don’t blame them… it must be hard to be nice to people when you live in their parents basement with 13 cats.
Ted Efthymiadis