Are you on offense or defense?

A few years ago, my life was a lot more chaotic. For many years I believed that my iphone would make me more productive. Well all these years later I am back to pen and paper. The alerts got out of control. The dings and bings started taking a toll on my ability to focus. Here is how I took my attention back.

  • I turned off all of the notifications on my phone. Unless my phone was ringing, I wasn’t going to hear it.
  • I started educating my clients on how I wanted them to contact me. Boundaries are highly underrated.
  • I decided that checking facebook more than twice a day was excessive. So I made that a priority.
  • I went off line on all days off.
  • I rarely text, more on that in a future blog.
  • I turned off my phone and internet while doing creative jam sessions.

I couldn’t be happier. Business hasn’t suffered. My mind is able to focus on one project at a time again. I don’t find myself throwing 30 minutes out the window several times a day because I got sidetracked while checking facebook or another social media platform.

In his book “The compound Effect, Darren Hardy dives into a daily ritual he performs called Jam Sessions.  A jam session is a 60-90 minutes working session in which he focuses on one task for that entire time. No phones, or email allowed. No distractions what so ever. I highly recommend Jamming daily.

Feel free to Jam more than once daily. A good Jam is 60-90 minutes. My brain can only seem to Jam 2-3 times per day before it feels overwhelmed. Go off line while you Jam. It’s like having a massage. It may hurt in the beginning, but when you get into it, it’s mind blowing. You need to make this a priority in order to really see the massive effect it will have on your life. Over time the hours of extra productivity will add up and you will never go back! Focus is critical. Do not allow your brain to wander, check facebook to see if that person got back to you, etc. Before you know it you will have wasted 35 minutes. Focus, execute, rest, repeat.

“All this comes down to is whether you are on offense or defense. I think that if you survey the challenges in your life, which of those did you assign yourself, and which of those are you doing to please someone else? Are you working off your own to do list, or are you allowing everyone else in your life design your to do list via your inbox?” – Chris Sacca.