Well it’s been a month. A month with the flip phone. I’m in love. Yes in love.

Well it’s been six monthswith the flip phone. I’m in love. Yes in love.

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I want to make it known that I am not suggesting smart phones are a bad thing, or that people should stop using them. A more accurate position is to say that I am not able to use a smart phone in a way that allows me to be more productive or efficient.

Hear me out. Smart phones were sold to me years ago under the premise that as a business owner I would be able to get more done with my 24 hours. That has not been the case.

About a year ago I watched a documentary about a stock trader millionaire. It was a fascinating documentary, but I must say I really only remember one thing. The trader had a flip phone. When asked about being a millionaire stock trader who has a flip phone he replied something along the lines of… “Stocks go up and down, and I don’t need to worry about them when I am out of the office”.

That was all the push I needed.

He went on to say that if he had an emergency, people could still call or text him.

That 20 sec clip started this whole thing. And I do realize that I am a weirdo. I like to challenge the way things are done.

So I started by turning off the notifications on my most used apps. That totally changed my life! I found myself looking at my phone or checking in much less frequently. Next I decided to delete my facebook app as it was the app I used most. Then other apps like instagram, etc.

The first week was terrible, I felt like a drug addict. Sitting on the toilet was the worst. I had nothing to do. No feed to scroll. Waiting in the grocery store line was awkward, I was the only one without a device to occupy my time. After the first week I felt like a prisoner being let out of prison. I walked down the street and stopped to smell flowers and really started to notice a lot more things I used to pass by.

I disabled texting, and it’s call me or nothing now. 

To sum this whole thing up, I was not able to use the iphone responsibly. I used it more for entertainment than for business. For busi-ness, not for BUSINESS. If you are like me, make some changes. If you use your smart phone in a way that truly saves you time so that you can enjoy the real pleasures in life, I applaud you. You are a better women or man than I.

It’s like this. Chips are my addiction. I don’t have a sweet tooth. If I have chips in front of me, I always eat them. All of them. If chips are in the kitchen behind a cupboard door, I typically half of them. If chips are at the store, I rarely find myself driving to get them. If I am in the woods camping and didn’t bring any chips, there is a 0% chance of me eating chips.

Now you may actually need a smart phone. I don’t have 32 staff who need to check my shared calendar that is stored in the cloud. I don’t feel the need to live stream, but you may find massive value in that.

Smart phones are amazing technology. Too much tech in my situation to offset the huge amount of distraction they bring into my life.

In closing, I still have an iphone. It’s not hooked up, and has no data capabilities, I use it to make quick videos because thats why I bought it. It’s the fastest way to shoot video and upload to the web.

And by the way, If you have texted me in the last month and have not received a reply, it’s because my texting is turned off and I don’t get them. I do love you, but I have always hated texting. I loathe texting. Long live the flip phone. The time saver. P.s. I charge my phone about once a week. That’s amazing. Much love, Ted Efthymiadis.