Video killed the radio star.

The world only holds two types of fear. Rational fear, and irrational fear. They are both very real and very raw. I get it, we all battle fears daily. One of the best things I have found to combat fear of either sort is to remind myself of two things. 1: Focus on what could happen if it works. (The benefit) 2: Ask myself what is the worst thing that COULD happen. By the end of doing this exercise, I always seem to go for it.

You can find a video on youtube with 24 million views on how to tie your shoelaces. You do not have an excuse. What seems like mundane stuff to you now, was once fresh and vibrant to you years ago. Everyone has somethings to share with the world. Don’t have a nice professional camera? Your cell phone camera can shoot better video than the $10,000 video cameras that were shooting TV shows just 8 years ago. Your cell phone is plenty capable. Use iMovie on your cell phone to edit. Or use the free software on your computer. (iMovie for mac, and movie maker for PC). Youtube has hours and hours of free video on how to edit videos! I believe in you, you can do it. Raw Raw Raw!